Street Stories- “Move Along!”

go homeI was waiting at the bus stop on my way to go to Mass and a police car pulled up… moving fast enough to where I felt the need to jump back from the curb as a precaution. What was the hurry? Well… there was a man who is a senior citizen sitting in his wheelchair next to me at the bus stop. You may be wondering what the crisis was. He wasn’t intoxicated or even causing a scene… he was quietly sitting next to me… in fact we were chatting and he was quite friendly.

The man was guilty of being homeless and sitting in his wheelchair at a bus stop on a public sidewalk. Continue reading


He Could See Her

One of the deacons asked me to write a reflection piece for a newsletter they hand out in their jail ministry. It’s not something I’ve done before, but I told him I would jot some of my thoughts down. It’s on the story of the woman caught in adultery who the crowd wanted to stone, but then Jesus was like… this is some BS… you all need to step off and mind your business! I’ll add the passage so you can get the context of it, rather than basing it on this explanation I just gave.

he could see her Continue reading

San Francisco Faith Community & Homelessness

This is an article I wrote for the Coalition on Homelessness “Street Sheet” publication.


A basic moral test is how our most vulnerable members are faring.

Faith communities have proven to be a significant force for creating positive change in San Francisco.  They have modeled effective ways of responding to the challenges of our times and promoted methods to put their teachings into action.  It is an effort that requires continual reevaluation to assess the ways in which we are responding to the poor and marginalized among us. Continue reading