Christmas Under the Overpass


Downtown San Francisco is packed with grumpy people running around doing last minute shopping and sitting in traffic. Luckily I had the opportunity to venture off the beaten path and spend time out at the encampments under the freeway. Continue reading


Homeless Memorial


Tonight was the Annual Interfaith Memorial for All Our Homeless Dead. We gathered on the steps of City Hall… standing out in the rain. It was difficult not to be conscious of the many people living on the streets exposed to the storm. I took this picture of my St. Jude candle from the top of the steps where I stood.

I was asked by the San Francisco Interfaith Council, on behalf of the Coalition on Homelessness, to read the names and ages of some of those who have died in our community. That was a real honor for me. It was one of those moment where you just gotta take a deep breath and do it. It was a beautiful memorial.

Shelter from the Storm

The Gubbio Project

St. Boniface Catholic Church in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

I just walked over to St. Boniface for noon Mass and I wasn’t even a block away from my apartment before I was drenched. An umbrella is useless due to the wind and the rain coming at you sideways.

I got to the parish, and as expected, the place was packed. This is the coolest parish I know…. they open their doors and allow people to rest on their pews during the day. Continue reading

No Room in the Inn


I love the rain. I love walking in the rain, but I also like being inside where it’s warm, cozy & dry when it’s raining outside. It’s been raining for most of the day today and I’ve really enjoyed it.
At the same time I’ve been thinking a lot today about the folks here in the City who have no shelter from the rain. I’ve been thinking about the emergency shelter for El Niño… or lack there of.  

I searched online for “San Francisco rain homeless” and half of the first page search results were articles about how the cathedral installed a sprinkler system to douse the homeless seeking refuge on their steps. Maybe that’s a sign… that churches need to open their doors and welcome people in from the storm. Christmas time is a perfect time to be doing this. You know… the Christmas story… and that whole no room in the inn thing…