Where are people supposed to go?


Outreach- January 29, 2016

I don’t know how anyone from the City can honestly say they aren’t doing sweeps.

The block at South Van Ness and Division got swept last week. This is the block next to it where people had moved to.

Today, they are gone.

People reported they were told by DPW and SFPD that they had to stay past Folsom. That’s away from the off ramp…. where they are visible to those exiting the freeway.

And others got swept away from the off ramp at 9th. They told me SFPD & DPW told them to go to Division. I didn’t hear it from SFPD or DPW, but that’s what the folks who were asked to move reported to me.

They said they were told if they went there they wouldn’t get hassled. They reported that they were told they needed to stay away until after Super Bowl. Sweeps aren’t just limited to Super Bowl… but we have seen a dramatic increase in the last few months.

Where did the folks above Folsom move? Across the street… and scattered around within a couple blocks.

So when people ask me if I think the City is doing sweeps, my answer is obviously yes. I can’t believe this is even in question.

Where are people supposed to go? #TackleHomelessness


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