U.S. World Meeting of Popular Movements



I spent the past few days at the US World Meeting of Popular Movements. This was…

“An initiative of Pope Francis, the World Meeting of Popular Movements’ (WMPM) purpose is to create an “encounter” between Church leadership and grassroots organizations working to address the “economy of exclusion and inequality” (Joy of the Gospel, nos. 53-54) by working for structural changes that promote social, economic and racial justice.” Continue reading


Protected By Our Lady of Guadalupe


May 23, 2016

I was out at the encampments today checking in with folks. Things down on Cesar Chavez looked pretty much the same as last week, but people reported SFPD came today and told them they are doing sweeps early tomorrow morning. The cops were threatening to arrest anyone who was still there in the morning, but they are threatened on a regular basis and never really know when sweeps will actually happen. There were no longer ‘notices to vacate’ posted. The thing that was out of the norm was that people reported Caltrain had engineers with them today scoping things out so they may be putting fences up.


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Cops Shot & Killed a Homeless Man Today…

This is a picture of Br. Damien walking in a vigil for Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, the man who was experiencing homelessness and ended up getting shot and killed by the police this morning. Behind him is a line up of police on motorcycles who followed us while we marched. Continue reading

Seeking Refuge in Church Doorways



If I was experiencing homelessness these days the place I would go to seek refuge from the elements and to get some sleep would be in the doorway of a church. The reason I would go to a Christian church to sleep is because of the parable in their teaching about the Rich Man and Lazarus. In case you don’t know it, I’ll provide an overview… Continue reading

Refuge From the Storm


Division Street, San Francisco- SFPD & DPW did “sweeps” of the encampment and erected a fence.


We went on a 5AM outreach shift this morning because folks in the encampments were told by SFPD that they were going to be doing sweeps and taking their tents and stuff. We didn’t see cops or DPW, but it looks like they’d already made the rounds, at least to this area.  Continue reading

Homeless Memorial


Tonight was the Annual Interfaith Memorial for All Our Homeless Dead. We gathered on the steps of City Hall… standing out in the rain. It was difficult not to be conscious of the many people living on the streets exposed to the storm. I took this picture of my St. Jude candle from the top of the steps where I stood.

I was asked by the San Francisco Interfaith Council, on behalf of the Coalition on Homelessness, to read the names and ages of some of those who have died in our community. That was a real honor for me. It was one of those moment where you just gotta take a deep breath and do it. It was a beautiful memorial.

Shelter from the Storm

The Gubbio Project

St. Boniface Catholic Church in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

I just walked over to St. Boniface for noon Mass and I wasn’t even a block away from my apartment before I was drenched. An umbrella is useless due to the wind and the rain coming at you sideways.

I got to the parish, and as expected, the place was packed. This is the coolest parish I know…. they open their doors and allow people to rest on their pews during the day. Continue reading