Annual Interfaith Memorial for our Homeless Dead


Tonight was the Annual Interfaith Memorial for our Homeless Dead. It’s always a powerful experience and a stunning reminder of how many people are needlessly suffering and dying on our streets. This year we had a list of over 180 people who died… and there are so many more people who were not on this list! There seems to be more and more people each year who are dying on our streets.

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Blood on the Sidewalk


We went out on outreach this afternoon to check in with folks. Last night two residents of encampments in the Mission were shot to death. There was still blood on the sidewalk this afternoon. Folks living in the encampment were really shaken up about this.

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Homeless Memorial


Tonight was the Annual Interfaith Memorial for All Our Homeless Dead. We gathered on the steps of City Hall… standing out in the rain. It was difficult not to be conscious of the many people living on the streets exposed to the storm. I took this picture of my St. Jude candle from the top of the steps where I stood.

I was asked by theĀ San Francisco Interfaith Council, on behalf of theĀ Coalition on Homelessness, to read the names and ages of some of those who have died in our community. That was a real honor for me. It was one of those moment where you just gotta take a deep breath and do it. It was a beautiful memorial.